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Healthcare is changing.  Treatment needs to be more effective than ever!
At Stoddard Therapy Resources, find workbooks, worksheets and visual scanning sheets for use in rehabilitation and life skills training.
YOU are a better clinician when great resources are at your fingertips.

The Occupational Therapist’s Cognitive ADL Workbook has been a dependable resource in many rehabilitation departments for years. See the testimonials for what other therapist’s think!

The workbook has over 330 pages and 216 exercises. Click on the image for sections and examples.

It provides relevant activities in attention, organization, memory, sequencing, and problem solving as they directly relate to instrumental activities of daily living.

This workbook has been used in a variety of setting including inpatient rehab, home care, subacute, outpatient therapy as well as in special education, vocational and parenting classes.

Now available in Print at Amazon or digital download through Sellfy.

Occupational Therapist's Cognitive ADL Workbook
The Occupational Therapist's Cognitive ADL Workbook by Laurie A. LaFeldt, OTR

Worksheets are digital downloads and contain anywhere from 3 – 30  pages. Includes all material for the life skills task.  Find clinical quality calendar, menu and bills for Instrumental Activities of Daily Living rehabilitation. 

Are you tired of using the same, colorless, overly copied visual scanning sheets?